Frequently Asked Questions

When can my skater join the skating club?


Your skater can join once they have achieved Basic 5 level or higher.  Also, keep in mind your coach will set the pace according to your skater. Improvements will be visible quickly on a one-on-one basis. You may join the NEFSC at any time of the year.

When and how do I know if my skater is ready for the NEFSC?


If your skater LOVES to skate and has a passion for the sport, and if you are ready to make the commitment time wise and financially, then you are ready! Once you choose a coach, they will help guide you the rest of the way.

How much of a commitment does the NEFSC require?


Beginner skaters are always recommended to be on the ice twice a week. However, one day could be Learn to Skate and one day could be NEFSC, to begin. Yes- your skater can still enroll in Learn to Skate while being a member of the NEFSC. This gives them a chance to still be involved in a group type setting as well as one-on-one. The more time your skater spends on the ice- the better. To begin the commitment could be from 1-2 days a week, skating a fifty-minute session each day. The fall/winter/spring contract runs from September to June and the summer contract runs from June to August.

What equipment is required?


All skaters should have their own figure skates. These can be purchased at various sporting good stores; again- your coach can help guide you through this process. Proper skating attire such as tights, skating pants (tight stretch pants) or dresses are acceptable. No jeans or street clothes. Also, hair should be pulled back out of your skater’s face.